Honesty, Integrity And Excellence. Over 15 Years of Legal Experience

Honesty, Integrity And Excellence. Over 15 Years of Legal Experience

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Immigration Is A Family Matter

For so many immigrants, the goal is not to come to a new country alone; it is to bring their loved ones with them, even if it takes time. Family immigration is at the heart of the immigration system, and it is at the heart of the Ejezie Law Firm, LLC.

I would like to welcome you to my office. My name is Ifeoma Ejezie, and, for more than 15 years, I have helped families start their lives in America by offering strong immigration law advocacy. Immigration is a passion because my family immigrated, too. I understand the chaos, excitement and hurdles you face, and I am ready to help.

Bringing Families Together, One Visa At A Time

Family visa applications are managed differently depending on the applicant’s relationship to the sponsor (person already in the United States as a citizen or legal permanent resident). The applications fall into one of two categories: applications from immediate relatives like a child, spouse or parent, and applications from a distant relative like a cousin, aunt or another relative.

If you are seeking a visa as an immediate relative, you are subject to fewer restrictions than distant relatives. For instance, you are not subject to annual visa limitations and certain processes are simpler. Other special relationships, like applications for spouses and fiancés, are subject to their own rules.

Your Reunification Journey Starts Today

Regardless of the application type, you need a meticulous hand and a knowledgeable guide. Immigration law is complex, and a misstep at any point can cause delay or derail your application entirely. Sit down at my office and let me know what your dreams are for your family. Then, I can help you achieve them. Call me at 908-905-0854 right away, or send me an email.