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4 Myths about family-based visas

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2023 | Family Visas, Immigration Law |

About two-thirds of approved visas for US immigrants are family-based. That means that there are millions of people in the US with a family-based green card. Because of these numbers, many immigrants prefer to go for family-based visas.

While the application process for these is already challenging, myths make it even more so. Anyone planning to apply for one needs to know the truth. Here are the truths surrounding common family-based visa myths.

1. They do not expire

Any green card can expire. Family-based visas expire ten years after the government grants them. It is important that people living on this type of visa renew them before they expire. Having an expired green card prevents people from traveling out of the country or finding employment within the US.

2. Holders are immune to deportation

All immigrants can face deportation. Only American citizens cannot face deportation. Generally, immigrants face deportation because they committed crimes, like fraud, domestic violence, firearm trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, espionage, sabotage or terrorism.

3. Immigrants cannot sponsor adult children

Many people believe that people holding green cards can only petition for and sponsor their minor children. However, that is not true. Immigrants may sponsor their unmarried children over 21 too.

4. Holders cannot work in the US

People who come to the US through family-based immigration may work in the US. However, they must first get an Employment Authorization Document. It is illegal to work until they have this document.

It is important to sift the myths from the truths. Knowing the truth makes it easier to apply for family-based visas. That can reunite a family in the US.