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3 tips to prepare for the K-1 visa home visit

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Family Visas |

The K-1 visa process requires United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify that your relationship is genuine. One way they do this is through a home visit, where an immigration officer will interview you and your fiancé at your residence.

While this can feel invasive, advanced preparation can help ease the stress.

1. Conduct a home inspection

The officer will evaluate if you actually live together and if your home supports your claim that you intend to marry. Make sure your home is clean and tidy and have evidence that you cohabitate, including photos together, joint bills and shared toiletries.

2. Gather supporting documentation

Have files ready with evidence that your relationship is real. Include photos, plane tickets from visits, love letters and shared financial statements. You might also want to include communications detailing your wedding plans. Be ready to show joint bank accounts, insurance policies and lease agreements as well. Anything proving that you plan to build a life together will help. Remember that the K-1 visa stays valid for 90 days, so ensure that your wedding occurs before that expiration date.

3. Practice interview questions

Expect to explain how you met, when you got engaged, details about your wedding plans and other information about your relationship. Make sure you and your fiancé have matching stories. Also, expect highly personal questions about subjects such as your habits in the bedroom. While the conversation may feel uncomfortable, answer the questions honestly. Avoiding the topic can cast suspicion on the validity of the relationship.

While having your relationship scrutinized feels invasive, thorough preparation helps ease the stress. Remember, the officer just wants confirmation that your love is true. Stay calm and provide honest evidence of your life together.